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M.S.M. Sainik School is located at 7Z, in the lush green surroundings spread over a total area of 38 Acres on the Karanpur road in Sri Ganganagar. M S M Sainik School is opened with the objective of preparing cadets physically stout, academically sound and mentally alert to join NDA & appear other competitions. It is a fully residential school for boys. But public school education will be provided to girls also as day scholars. The school offers a vast array of opportunities to channelize the energies of cadets for constructive purposes. A wide range of extra curricular activities provided for the personality development of the cadets. The school is imparting value based quality education to the cadets hailing from all strata’s of society from all over India. Our school believes in; “Learning by Doing”.

Our principle of education is based on “True education is the harmonious development of the mental, moral, physical and Spiritual”.


Our motto is “Deeds, not words.” We prepare our cadets by imparting intensive training to withstand the challenges of real life in natural manner.

About Us

Our Motto is "DEEDS NOT WORDS" and there is no other service that better exemplifies this creed than the cadets of sainik school. while they are determined to provide the best on knowledge to the cadets. knowledge, however, is not the only discernible characteristics needed for a productive and successful career. integrity, ...
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7Z, Karanpur Road

Phone: +91 9887-092-225
Email: info@msmsainikschool.in

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