Co-Curricular Activities

Educational Tours , Hikes , Excursions

The school organises educational tours along with staff members to places of historical and educational interest. There is also ample opportunity for senior boys to go on hikes and out-door excursions during their stay at the school.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school curriculum is designed for the all round development and growth of student personality. Students are encouraged to take part in debates, declamation, quiz competitions, dramatics, lectures, seminars and group discussion etc. The school provides ample opportunity and scope for creative activities such as innovation, science models, projects & other related tasks.

  • Quiz in progress.
  • Golden Jubilee English Debate.

About Us

Our Motto is "DEEDS NOT WORDS" and there is no other service that better exemplifies this creed than the cadets of sainik school. while they are determined to provide the best on knowledge to the cadets. knowledge, however, is not the only discernible characteristics needed for a productive and successful career. integrity, ...
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