A wholesome vegetarian & non-vegetarian diet is provided to the cadets in a spacious mess. The house staff also dines with the cadets to ensure proper observance of table-manners. Ceremonial dinners are also arranged to let the cadets have a feel of a good social behaviour.

Day Breakfast Lunch Evening Refershment Dinner Night Milk
Monday Milk (Hot) , Biscuit, Pav-Bhaji Rajma , Matar Paneer, Zeera Rice , Buttermilk, Chapati , Papad Macaroni , Hot Coffee , Sauce Dal Tadka , Gajar-Matar , Papad Sabji (Thick Gravy) , Chapati , Rice, Salad Hot Milk (Bournvita)
Tuesday Bournvita Milk (Hot) , Bread, Idli Sanmbhar Puri Chhole, Masala Aloo, Boondi Raita, Masala Rice, Fried Chilli, Onion, Papad Veg. Sandwich , Sauce , Masala Tea Moong Chilka Dal, Tomato Mirchi, Mix Veg., Zeera Rice, Chapati, Salad, Papad Hot Milk (Ginger)
Wednesday Milk (Hot) , Biscuit, Poha Namkin, Fried Masala Mirchi Rajwadi Dal, Garlic Chutney, Dum Aloo, Chapati, Buttermilk, Lemon Rice, Onion, Papad Veg. Sandwich , Sauce , Masala Tea Arahar Dal , Aloo Matar (Dry) , Sev Tomato , Zeera Rice , Chapati , Salad, Papad Hot Milk (Chocolate)
Thrusday Horlicks Milk (Hot) , Bread Jam, Samosa, Chutney Gujrati Kadi , Black Chana Dry , Seasonal Veg., Rice, Buttermilk , Chapati , Papad Masala Idli , Sauce , Masala Tea Crush Dal Fry, Malai-Methi-Matar, Pulav , Chapati, Papad Hot Milk (Caramel)
Friday Kesar Milk (Hot) , Biscuit, Grilled Sandwich Kadai Paneer ,Matar Patta Gobhi Dry , Veg. Rice, Buttermilk, Chapati, Salad, Papad Maggi Masala , Sauce , Hot Coffee Masoor Dal , Aloo Matar (Dry) , Veg-Biryani , Chapati , Fryums, Papad Hot Milk ( Badam)
Saturday Bournvita Milk (Hot) , Dry Suji Toast, Bread Cutlet , Sauce Yellow Mungdal, Capsicum Aloo Masala, Lemon Rice, Buttermilk, Chapati , Salad, Papad Veg. Pakoda , Sauce , Hot Coffee Arhar Dal , Corn Palak, Zeera Rice , Chapati, Fried Papad Hot Milk (Bournvita)
Sunday Horlicks Milk (Hot) , Bread Jam, Aloo Parantha , Pickle Masoor Dal , Besan Gatta, Gajar Matar, Buttermilk, Zeera Rice , Chapati , Salad, Papad Patties , Sauce , Masala Tea Surprize Dinner Hot Milk (Ginger)

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Our Motto is "DEEDS NOT WORDS" and there is no other service that better exemplifies this creed than the cadets of sainik school. while they are determined to provide the best on knowledge to the cadets. knowledge, however, is not the only discernible characteristics needed for a productive and successful career. integrity, ...
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